Ready for the summer!

       Hi guys! How have you been? It's Wednesday, two more days til weekend! Finally I squeezed some time out for a shopping day. I went to the outlet on father's day, and saw many groups of family having their family day on a very nice hot sunny weather, how sweet! And I had such an relaxed and comfortable Sunday! I didn't buy a lot, but I was so satisfied with what I brought home. There are a few colors are essential for this summer, especial the light pastel colors, such as mint, very light blue, white, pastel pink... They can all be seen on the runway or on the street.

      I am absolutely obsess with these 2 colors of the jeans, the mint green and white. They go so well together, and really express the relax and comfortable feeling of the summer! I will definitely get a white purse, and mint accessories. What do you think is the color for the summer? Feel free to share with me, I would love to know that!


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