D.I.Y bow Hair Accessories

Hi Readers,
      It's finally weekend, how's yours going? Today, I have a new D.I.Y tutorial up on my YouTube Channel for you guys, and it is perfect for the spring weather! You can make it for yourself or as a gift for your family and friends. Most importantly, this is a very simple and fast D.I.Y! That's what we always looking for, right? Fast and easy yet pretty!  I am so happy with the result, and they also go with different outfit very well. Ok, let's go ahead to the D.I.Y tutorial.

- Wire (you can get it from Daiso or Michael)
- Needle
- Thread
- Fabric
- Hair band/ Hair Clips
- Glue Gun
- Scissor

That's it! Super easy, right? I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you like my video, please subscribe my channel since more videos are uploading soon! See you next time!



Welcome to my YouTube Channel

Hi readers,

      Today, I am so excited to introduce my new YouTube channel to you guys. I just started making D.I.Y tutorials there, so I can share my ideas with you all in an easier way. I am still exploring the video editing program, so the videos still have a lot to improve. Except D.I.Y tutorials, I will also do some beauty, styling and even recipes on my YouTube. Don't forget to check it out frequently for more fun videos, and remember to subscribe :D
      I just did a new D.I.Y which is inspired by Chanel's Spring 2014 collection. I was totally obsessed with the top when I first saw it, so I decided to D.I.Y it and it turned out great. It is a very easy D.I.Y and the top goes well with different outfits. Let's get started.

- Plain white t-shirt
- Fabric Glue
- 3/8" & 1 1/2" Black Ribbon
- Scissor
- Pen
- Ruler

I hope you enjoy my first video and there are a lot coming up soon. If you like my video, please give me a thumbs up :) See you.



Ready for the summer!

       Hi guys! How have you been? It's Wednesday, two more days til weekend! Finally I squeezed some time out for a shopping day. I went to the outlet on father's day, and saw many groups of family having their family day on a very nice hot sunny weather, how sweet! And I had such an relaxed and comfortable Sunday! I didn't buy a lot, but I was so satisfied with what I brought home. There are a few colors are essential for this summer, especial the light pastel colors, such as mint, very light blue, white, pastel pink... They can all be seen on the runway or on the street.

      I am absolutely obsess with these 2 colors of the jeans, the mint green and white. They go so well together, and really express the relax and comfortable feeling of the summer! I will definitely get a white purse, and mint accessories. What do you think is the color for the summer? Feel free to share with me, I would love to know that!



It's summer time! We all love putting color on our body during summer, clothing, earrings, shoes, nail, hair...just to bring out this joyful and playful season! Today, I decided to make my nails.It is very simple but pretty nail design. We just need a few materials to complete this look! Let's get gather what we need first.

Sephora by O.P.I 3-in-1 base top& strengthener
Sephora by O.P.I Vernis
Nail Jewelry Parts from Daiso

Step 1: apply base coat to the nail
Step 2: apply 2 coats of the purple nail polish
Step 3: put one pearl on the bottom center of each nail
Step 4: finally, apply a thinker base coat than usual to secure the pearl. And you are done!

         I purchased this in a Japanese Store called Daiso. I love love shopping at there and the items from this store are very cute and not a bad quality for $1.5 each! I love buying craft stuff from there because they are pretty and very reasonable price. I really recommend to go have a look at this store, you will definitely find something you like from there! Hope you all enjoy my nail art today. I will see you in my next post!



Fashion. Floral Print

           Hi sweeties, it's Sunday today, another week is coming soon! How's you day?So, I spend my day on discovering the latest trend on the runway, and this is an important job for a fashion student! It is always inspiring to look at the runway show because there must be some pieces can motivate you and brings the next DIY idea to your mind. I enjoy looking for the latest designs a lot, and fashion designers can always design some stunning pieces for each season, and bring the trend from runway to the street. Is it amazing? So   I want to share with you what I have discovered for the day.

            In the Resort 2014, I found many pieces are mixed with prints! Especially Floral print, it is the most common print on most of the designs. This print really add a lot to the summer season, so refreshing, relaxing, and colourful. At the same time, Stripe plays an important role in this season too, they give a very interesting eye looking by mixing the floral and stripes together. I really enjoy the mix and match with prints, what do you think? Feel free to comment below and let me know your thought! :) See you on my next post.