DIY . Restyle your flat

   Have you ever have a few pairs of flat that are seldom wore, and just left somewhere in the closet? Why didn't you wear them? Is it because their style are too bored or simple? Here is my way to bring those boring shoes back to trend and  became a pair of your favorite one! To do this DIY, you will only need a few easy found materials from your local craft store.

- Fabric paint
- Foam brush
- Beads or ribbon
- Tape
- Fabric Glue

Step 1: Use tape to cover your shoe, and left the tip area or your desire shape out.
Step 2: Apply your fabric paint, and let it sit for at least 24 hours until completely drys.
Step 3: Place fabric glue on the line, and place either beads or ribbon on it, and wait until it drys, should be around 4-5 hours.
Step 4: Mission complete! Here you go, a pair or trendy flat for the summer!

          Before you throw anything from your closet, stop a second, and think what we could do with it. Your mind might suddenly pop out a brilliant idea to restyle it, and this is a great way to save our world too! Hope you enjoy my restyle your flat post! See you on my next post :)


Food. Healthy Snack! :)


           Who doesn't love snacking? Yea...chips, chocolates, candies.. they are always my favorite ones. But they are just too unhealthy to our body because of their high sugar, high fat, high calories content, so making our own one would be a great alternative way to be a healthier snack lover. It is always good to make our own food as we can adjust the taste, the calories, the ingredients, etc. and make it our unique and special one! Don't think that it is complicated and difficult to cook, it is actually so easy and fun! Here, I want to introduce one of my favorite homemade snack... Baked Potato Chips! They are crispy and very tasty just like what we bought from the market, but much much healthy because we don't need to deep fried our chips.  Let's get started!

-Any seasoning
-knife or a tool like picture2

Step 1:  Preheat the oven to 400F
Step 2:  Wash and slice the potato into thin pieces
Step 3:  Pad dry the potato, and put them into a bowl
Step 4:  Add seasonings and a little bit of olive oil, and mix well
Step 5:  Place the slice evenly on a greased baking plate, then bake in the oven for 10 mins, then flip over the chips and bake for anther 4-6mins until they become golden brown
Step 6: Time to eat! Try the crispy homemade chips now, and you will be surprised of how it turns out! Enjoy!

        So, try this recipe and you won't be disappointed! Such an easy and healthy recipe for EVERYONE! :) Hope you enjoy this post and if you get any question, feel free to comment below! See you on my next post!



DIY. Collar T-shirt


 Hi guys! I had made a new DIY recently, and I love it a lot. I am really excited to share this Tutorial with you guys! Usually there are some simple t-shirts in our closet that we don't wear often, but we don't want to throw they away as well, what can we do with it? Easy! Restyle it! I chose to add a collar to it to make it look more interesting and stylish. First, prepare the materials you need:

- Scissor
- Needle, thread
- a piece of fabric(as the collar)
- T-shirt
- Paper

Step 1. First, draw the shape of collar after measuring on the t-shirt
Step 2. Pin the paper on the piece of fabric.
Step 3. Cut 2 collars out
Step 4. Start sewing the collar onto the t-shirt
Step 5. After you are done with both 2 collar, then cut the sleeve out. Here is the trick: cut the sleeves along the seam, so the shape won't change after washing. 
Step 6. Dada! You are done! How cute the t-shirt turned into! :)

      Now, you can have a more stylish clothes for the summer! Hope you enjoy this DIY idea! See you! :)



DIY. Ribbon Hair Clip

Last time, I bought 2 rolls of ribbon from Michaels. When I was thinking how I should use them, suddenly my mind came up with this brilliant idea! Haha, hair clip! Yea, that's what I needed at the time! So, I decided to make a ribbon hair clip, and they are very easy to make!

- Ribbons (your choice)
- Simple black hair clip
- glue gun

Step 1: Cut a strip around 20 cm long. ( you can adjust the length as needed)
Step 2: Use glue gun to glue the center of the strip and fold the 2 sides to the center, make sure they are secured.
Step 3: Glue a little bit in the middle, then fold it inward to create the bow shape before the glue drys.
Step 4: Cut a shorter strip and wrap the middle of the ribbon, then cut out the excess after you glued.
Step 5: This is the hardest part. You need to quickly insert the clip to the middle, it's hard to do when the glue drys, so you need to be quick!
Step 6: Yes! You are done! And you made yourself a pretty hair clip! Yeah!

Hope you guys enjoy my hair clip DIY post! Don't forget to follow me because more and more ideas are coming up! :)
Thanks for reading, and see ya!


Check out How to Make Your Own Hair Accessory! by Bowie W on Snapguide.


My First Post on New Blog!

      Hi Guys! I am so excited to have my new blog organized, and my blog journey is started! I am so tired now because I have been spent whole day on making the template, but it worth!
      So, in here, I will share as much as possible. I love DIY, love making food, love fashion trends..... and I will share all these to you guys! And hope you guys will love it! Don't forget to follow me to get the latest post! :) Thank you!