DIY. Collar T-shirt


 Hi guys! I had made a new DIY recently, and I love it a lot. I am really excited to share this Tutorial with you guys! Usually there are some simple t-shirts in our closet that we don't wear often, but we don't want to throw they away as well, what can we do with it? Easy! Restyle it! I chose to add a collar to it to make it look more interesting and stylish. First, prepare the materials you need:

- Scissor
- Needle, thread
- a piece of fabric(as the collar)
- T-shirt
- Paper

Step 1. First, draw the shape of collar after measuring on the t-shirt
Step 2. Pin the paper on the piece of fabric.
Step 3. Cut 2 collars out
Step 4. Start sewing the collar onto the t-shirt
Step 5. After you are done with both 2 collar, then cut the sleeve out. Here is the trick: cut the sleeves along the seam, so the shape won't change after washing. 
Step 6. Dada! You are done! How cute the t-shirt turned into! :)

      Now, you can have a more stylish clothes for the summer! Hope you enjoy this DIY idea! See you! :)


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