DIY. Ribbon Hair Clip

Last time, I bought 2 rolls of ribbon from Michaels. When I was thinking how I should use them, suddenly my mind came up with this brilliant idea! Haha, hair clip! Yea, that's what I needed at the time! So, I decided to make a ribbon hair clip, and they are very easy to make!

- Ribbons (your choice)
- Simple black hair clip
- glue gun

Step 1: Cut a strip around 20 cm long. ( you can adjust the length as needed)
Step 2: Use glue gun to glue the center of the strip and fold the 2 sides to the center, make sure they are secured.
Step 3: Glue a little bit in the middle, then fold it inward to create the bow shape before the glue drys.
Step 4: Cut a shorter strip and wrap the middle of the ribbon, then cut out the excess after you glued.
Step 5: This is the hardest part. You need to quickly insert the clip to the middle, it's hard to do when the glue drys, so you need to be quick!
Step 6: Yes! You are done! And you made yourself a pretty hair clip! Yeah!

Hope you guys enjoy my hair clip DIY post! Don't forget to follow me because more and more ideas are coming up! :)
Thanks for reading, and see ya!


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