DIY . Restyle your flat

   Have you ever have a few pairs of flat that are seldom wore, and just left somewhere in the closet? Why didn't you wear them? Is it because their style are too bored or simple? Here is my way to bring those boring shoes back to trend and  became a pair of your favorite one! To do this DIY, you will only need a few easy found materials from your local craft store.

- Fabric paint
- Foam brush
- Beads or ribbon
- Tape
- Fabric Glue

Step 1: Use tape to cover your shoe, and left the tip area or your desire shape out.
Step 2: Apply your fabric paint, and let it sit for at least 24 hours until completely drys.
Step 3: Place fabric glue on the line, and place either beads or ribbon on it, and wait until it drys, should be around 4-5 hours.
Step 4: Mission complete! Here you go, a pair or trendy flat for the summer!

          Before you throw anything from your closet, stop a second, and think what we could do with it. Your mind might suddenly pop out a brilliant idea to restyle it, and this is a great way to save our world too! Hope you enjoy my restyle your flat post! See you on my next post :)


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